Lifelong Learning

Student as Customer

There needs to be a cultural shift in our educational system to the student’s being the customer. Currently, at the post-secondary level the emphasis appears to be on "making money" and enhancing reputation at the expense of the students. Universities have become a business attracting more and more students with research being their primary objective.

Students have suffered in terms of the quality of instruction with little attention paid to what is in their best interest or whether the course curriculum is even relevant to today's economy. Students are enrolling into programs with absolutely no prospect of a job when they graduate. Teachers and lawyers are prime examples.

Students are faced with overcrowded classes and instructors whose first language is not English. The students simply do not understand the material that is being taught and unless one can teach it to themselves, they fall behind and inevitably drop out. The pressure that is being put on these students to succeed is incredible and unhealthy. The mental health challenges and suicides are well documented, Free tuition only increases the enrolment numbers without addressing the quality of education and most importantly the relevance of the education. On graduation, many of those who succeeded in getting their degree find themselves unemployed or in jobs well below their expectations.



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