Affordable Cost of Living

Support NON-PROFITS in delviery of affordable housing

Exempt non-profit housing provider projects (rental or ownership) from government charges and fees.

The exemption could apply to : Land Transfer Tax, development charges, building fees, Park land dedications, section 37 charges, etc.


Non-profits have consistently proven to deliver the most affordable housing (per government $ invested) and to maintain the quality of their stock better then either private sector or government.

By giving non-profits a small leg up through exemptions from charges and fees, there will be a direct improvement in their ability to develop new projects and to deliver housing affordability.

The current number of active non-profit projects is small and a small increase in the fees/charges overall would ensure this measure is revenue neutral for government.

This fits with new National Housing Strategy, Drummond report to use non-profits for delivery of government programs, etc



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