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The PC plan to take over Transit in Toronto is aGood Idea. I dont know what they feel should happen, but heres what I think.


STREETCARS need to go as they are not practical and are more costly compared to buses. They travel slower and are restricted in maneuverability. Im sure everyone who has used a Streetcar has had an experience where they have almost been hit by a car or witnessed this for someone else; even with the new ones. Bombardier has failed to deliver the order placed by Toronto and by the time they do, we will need new streetcars. With exception on streets like Spadina and St. Clair west where sections of the road are specifically designed for streetcars, BUSES should be their replacement. Repatriating our money from Bombardier and bringing more accessable and affordable transit to ONTARIANS would probably be a better use of taxpayers dollars than doting on Bombardier; hoping they follow through with our order.


PRESTO. Many presto machines dont work on range TTC vehicles. This issue needs to be resolved in order to prevent the city from requiring to draw funding from through other means to compensate.


Scarborough needs to be considered more when planning transit expansion. Not only is it under serviced, but it neighbours Durham region. Expanding in Scarborough could open up oppourtunities for greater movement and a more affoardable alternative for movement within the east end of the GTA.



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