Affordable Cost of Living


If we can design a home very similar to retirement homes for disabled loved ones and caregivers it would open many doors for caregivers. Many Coop buildings have the perfect avenue to help disabled loved ones. Access to a Gym, Kitchen, recreation room and playground. It is already geared to income and affordable. I would love to see a building like ours be reformed into a building with disabled and loved ones so they can live comfortably

. Many parents are more than happy to stay with their young adult loved ones but need the services, support and better quality of life. Many of our disabled loved ones have talents and are hard workers. These adults could help create high revenue and earn dollars to add programs and services. Many who live in low rental cannot find support however living in a community that requires caregivers and loved ones to live together would bring in support and understanding. Many loved ones with disability do not have a social life and can not engage in many out door activities. However with a group that understands limitation we could work closely together and find innovative ideas. This will open many more doors for housing and allow low income families to live a manageable life. Many more caregivers would have opportunity to return to work.

Living with mental illness is a real challenge for many and often because of the lack of support many are left alone but allowing a caregiver low income with the support of their community would encourage more loved ones to care. We all must live a lifestyle that can assist our needs during the care of a loved one. Mental illness should not be feared but monitored with the right loved ones who know and understand it!


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