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A Culture of Health

Transform Ontario child care to a universal, affordable, quality childcare system

As their parents did a generation ago, today's Ontario families struggle to find accessible, affordable, quality childcare. The provincial government's commitment and substantial funding is welcome and the right first step for building a system of universal high quality childcare. Now what's needed is the follow-up: affordable, geared-to-income fees; a professional and properly paid child care workforce; public/non-profit... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

Invest in child care to make it more affordable for the middle class

Child care fees can be upwards of $1000 a month which is the same or more than a mortgage payment or rent. With many parents unable to afford child care costs, they cannot go to work or school. Sometimes parents (many times mothers) stay home to watch their children when they would like to be working because they can't afford child care. Child care fee subsidy does exist but many times people with lower-middle incomes... more »


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