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Strong Sustainable Communities

Cut Immigration in half - lower population growth for environmental and economic reasons

We do not know if in future we will be facing a shortage of jobs due to automation, or a shortage of labour due to people retiring.

Regardless, there is no reason for high immigration today, particularly into the GTA. The population has grown extremely fast since Mulroney introduced a policy of high immigration (all the time even during recessions) around 1990. Canada now has about 22% foreign born population, the highest... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Shift population growth away from the GTA to other cities - encourage immigrants to disperse

The government needs to spend something like $45 billion for public transit improvements to deal with growth and congestion in the GTA.

This public transit will take decades to build, cost a lot to operate requiring ongoing subsidies, and population growth in th emeantime means that congestion will get worse even with the new transit.

The greenbelt limits sprawl - but this limit on land supply also increases land prices,... more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

Offer Incentives to Companies with employees workign outside 9-5

We can expand highways all day long and it will never be enough. An accident on one side slows down the other side anyway. Expanding highways is an anti-green approach and is terribly costly.

But the real problem has never been a lack of infrastructure rather that we all try to go to and from work at the same time.

My idea is that there would be incentives for each hour your employees work outside of 9-5. IE .50 cents... more »


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