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Affordable Cost of Living

No provincial tax for seniors with yearly income under $ 30,000

Seniors with a yearly income under $ 30,000 shall not pay any provincial taxes. Ontarians that worked all their lives shall not live in poverty in Ontario. we need to take care of our seniors because they are our parents and soon it will be us. By not charging provincial taxes for seniors with a yearly income under $ 30.000 we help to improve the level of net income for our seniors. Rather than charging provincial taxes... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living


If we can design a home very similar to retirement homes for disabled loved ones and caregivers it would open many doors for caregivers. Many Coop buildings have the perfect avenue to help disabled loved ones. Access to a Gym, Kitchen, recreation room and playground. It is already geared to income and affordable. I would love to see a building like ours be reformed into a building with disabled and loved ones so they... more »


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Responsive Government

Raising Revenues Through New, Fair And Progressive Sources

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Ontarians know good government isn’t free. But they expect their government to use public dollars to ensure that they are getting the basics right: a health care system that keeps people healthy, an education system that helps everyone succeed, and a social safety net that helps people when they need it. Big, profitable corporations and those at the top will contribute their fair share.

Regressive taxes and user-pay... more »


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Inclusive Growth

Research must include services

Recently I heard that 100 million dollars was donated to research so many who suffer with mental illness can be cured. It is extremely painful knowing that so many young adults are lost and many living on the streets but yet every time we hear about a donation it is strictly used for research. I can tell you that for many the only kind of cure they need is physically and emotionally. We are too busy trying t find answers... more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

Allow Municipalities to set minimum wage.

As can be seen by the Fraser Institute urban areas haven't recovered from the 2008 recession. This might have to do with the cost of minimum wage. The cost of living in Toronto is not the same as Kitchener. Neither is it the same in Windsor nor Owen Sound. Smaller business in small towns cannot... more »


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