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Affordable Cost of Living

Public Auto Insurance - it is time

Several other provinces have public auto insurance - but Ontario does not. This is one reason why we have the highest car insurance rates in the country.

If someone is injured or disabled in an accident, we end up paying most of the cost of health care for them, and possibly they will qualify for ODSP, EI, Workman's Comp or CPP Disability Benefits.

We should have public auto insurance to get the cost saving found in... more »


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Responsive Government

Change the Libel and Slander Act to recognise the Internet is different from print or radio

The 1990 Libel and Slander Act limits the ability of citizens to sue newspapers and broadcasters. All other forms of defamation are not covered by the Act and anyone suing for defamation need not care about what the act says.

There are notice provisions that protect the media from being sued, and if a person delays or does not provide the same sort of notice, then the media is exempt from being sued.

The Act was written... more »


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