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Inclusive and Just Society

Raise Ontario Works Rates to Encourage Living With Dignity

On the path to a Universal Basic Income in Ontario (which is still many years away), it's important to raise up those experiencing poverty by increasing the Ontario Works amounts to a reasonable threshold. Currently only $721 is given monthly ($337 basic needs + $384 shelter) to a single individual, for example, which in most cities and towns is woefully inadequate to survive. Linking OW rates to a reasonable percentage... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

No provincial tax for seniors with yearly income under $ 30,000

Seniors with a yearly income under $ 30,000 shall not pay any provincial taxes. Ontarians that worked all their lives shall not live in poverty in Ontario. we need to take care of our seniors because they are our parents and soon it will be us. By not charging provincial taxes for seniors with a yearly income under $ 30.000 we help to improve the level of net income for our seniors. Rather than charging provincial taxes... more »


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