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Affordable Cost of Living

Public Auto Insurance - it is time

Several other provinces have public auto insurance - but Ontario does not. This is one reason why we have the highest car insurance rates in the country.

If someone is injured or disabled in an accident, we end up paying most of the cost of health care for them, and possibly they will qualify for ODSP, EI, Workman's Comp or CPP Disability Benefits.

We should have public auto insurance to get the cost saving found in... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Access to Education - #AccessEd

Accommodation of students with disabilities is one of the most pressing challenges facing our school boards and post-secondary education providers. The current system is based on legislative and common-law requirements that are often confusing for students and families to access and understand.

This proposal seeks to implement an accessibility standards for education providers across Ontario, including the creation of... more »


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A Culture of Health

Patients diagnosed with Mental Health illnesses must get Disability Tax Credit

Families with Children with mental issues must get tax relief, automatically they should receive disability tax credit, Parents have to get in tons of debt to help their kid with different treatments, special programs, extra curricular activities, private schools, etc. Several kids with mental illnesses can't be part of a public school so parents have to make loans to get them in private school which are very expensive.... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living


If we can design a home very similar to retirement homes for disabled loved ones and caregivers it would open many doors for caregivers. Many Coop buildings have the perfect avenue to help disabled loved ones. Access to a Gym, Kitchen, recreation room and playground. It is already geared to income and affordable. I would love to see a building like ours be reformed into a building with disabled and loved ones so they... more »


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