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Inclusive Growth


Sole proprietors whether current 2nd+ generation citizens or more importantly 1rst generation citizens MUST have start up cash made available ( Government / Bank partnership) to new entrepreneurs . I found this personally , very helpful in opening my 2 small stores using my funds and private qualified loans matched by the Government incentive loans. Service sector while dependant on manufacturing and production employment... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

New Financial Product To Spur Economic Growth and Save Lives, Life Savings

The first stock, perhaps the most true definition of the term, was issued by the Dutch East India Company, in 1602. The company not only generated revenue, it was profitable, and its shares paid dividends with yields ranging from 12 to 63 percent over its first years.

Ontario is rife with stocks of revenue-less publicly traded companies that go on to lose the majority of their value, similar to how out-of-the money call... more »


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