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A Culture of Health

Charge employers for use of sick notes that result in unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Often employers seek sick notes for employees needing a sick day as proof of illness, this practice often results as a tax on the sick as doctors notes are not covered by OHIP, but as well for many short term illness that are 1-3 days long that do not warrant medical intervention. This practice is no doubt a burden upon our healthcare system and working people of this province for the sole reason of employers not placing... more »


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Inclusive Growth

32 Hour Work Week with no reduction in wages

Tackle unemployment by reducing the length of the work week. This will also allow all Ontarians to fully enjoy the advantages of increasing productivity by having more free time.

This has been repeatedly done historically, with western countries seeing a gradual reduction in working hours, with a simultaneous gradual raise in wages, from the nineteenth century to the 1980s. The end of this tapering off in working hours... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Improve Temp Worker Rights

Amend Bill 148 to force employers to make temporary workers permanent employees after 90 days on the job.


No more than 20 per cent of their workforce can be composed of temporary workers.


Also put resources back into proactive enforcement of health and safety standards for Ontario’s workplaces. Better enforce the rules and increase the number of jobs covered under the Employment Standards and worker safety laws.


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Responsive Government

Remove From Hiring Applications the Check Box That Asks If Applicants Have a Criminal Record

Ontario should implement Ban the Box legislation. It was started by civil rights groups and advocates for ex-offenders, aimed at persuading employers to remove from their hiring applications the check box that asks if applicants have a criminal record. Its purpose is to enable ex-offenders to display their qualifications in the hiring process before being asked about their criminal records. The premise of the campaign... more »


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Inclusive Growth

The minimum wage should be eliminated

Advocates of a higher minimum wage claim that raising the minimum wage helps low-wage workers. Opponents point out that if government makes it illegal to hire an employee for less than a certain amount per hour, there will be fewer job opportunities for those who lack skills and experience: a higher price creates lower demand - econ101. Most debates focus on how the minimum wage affects workers. Who is discussing how... more »


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