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A Culture of Health

Access to Chronic Pain Management including Life Saving and Quality of Life Giving neurosurgeries for rare diseases

Whether a person lives with Chronic Pain from a hereditary condition like EhlersDanlos Syndrome and either of its comorbid conditions where life saving treatments and quality of life giving surgeries may be required, or if they live with acquired Chronic Pain, as a disease in its own right, there are gaps in access to care that go well beyond surgical treatments.

The federal government is not recognizing chronic pain... more »


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A Culture of Health

Mental Health Ontario - MHO

I'm hearing that people know there are mental health services available in Ontario, but don't know how to access them or where to begin. We should create a governmental agency called Mental Health Ontario, a one-stop shop for access to care for key mental health services similar to Cancer Care Ontario. This agency would be responsible to drive continuos improvement in prevention, recognition of risk, mental health screening,... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Métis Health Benefits Program


1. Equitable access to health care services for Métis in Ontario, needs to not only be perceived to be equal to healthcare services for Métis anywhere in Canada, but actually be equal.

2. Regardless of where they live, Métis need to have equal access to health care services.

3. Need to eliminate systemic & economic barriers to provide adequate, timely and culturally appropriate health care for Métis in Ontario.... more »


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A Culture of Health

Charge employers for use of sick notes that result in unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Often employers seek sick notes for employees needing a sick day as proof of illness, this practice often results as a tax on the sick as doctors notes are not covered by OHIP, but as well for many short term illness that are 1-3 days long that do not warrant medical intervention. This practice is no doubt a burden upon our healthcare system and working people of this province for the sole reason of employers not placing... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

Regulating the Sharing Market

The short-term housing market, and its’ technologically driven business model, is a specific area of the sharing economy that has disrupted the traditional hospitality sector and areas of the housing market. The commercialization of these services creates an unbalanced playing field, in which, homeowners with multiple properties are able to use them like hotel rooms. This should be categorized as unfair, as those utilizing... more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

Deposit for Return: Half of Plastic Bottles Sold in Ontario End Up in Landfill

Of the 3 billion plastic bottles sold in Ontario 1.5 billion end up in landfill. Ontario's performance is very poor in comparison with other provinces which are succeeding to divert more plastic from landfill with a deposit for return program. Ontario should do the same and use the funds generated to finance maintaining the health of the Great Lakes and other waterways.

Plastics are dangerous for our health because they... more »


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