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Strong Sustainable Communities

Educate to Build One Humanity

Thank you Ontario; you welcomed me. This post is for you! My life in the old country qualifies me to say that diversity can either be a boon or a curse. It enriches if people can see their common thread enabling celebration of mutual differences in its light. Otherwise, it is a curse of strong “us” vs “them” identities eternally jostling, conflicting and even rioting. We can’t close our eyes; news are full of it. Fearful... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Equality of condition

Equality of Condition
We must begin our endeavour toward inclusive prosperity with agreement that the most important consideration is the equality of condition among all Ontarians. We must believe in the inherent good of people; and that given the conditions of an equal and fair choice every person will exercise that goodness.

The government of Ontario should immediately introduce a Social Credit for every Ontarian.... more »


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