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A Culture of Health

Developing a Culture of Health

This idea is about wellness or healthy living. According to a recent national study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, “The prevalence of stress in primary care is high; 60% to 80% of visits may have a stress-related component” [1, references at the end]. Ontario findings may be no different.
Stress is a behavioral problem. It results from our lack of deep acknowledgement of our unseen common ground leading... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living


If we can design a home very similar to retirement homes for disabled loved ones and caregivers it would open many doors for caregivers. Many Coop buildings have the perfect avenue to help disabled loved ones. Access to a Gym, Kitchen, recreation room and playground. It is already geared to income and affordable. I would love to see a building like ours be reformed into a building with disabled and loved ones so they... more »


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