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Strong Sustainable Communities

Offer Incentives to Companies with employees workign outside 9-5

We can expand highways all day long and it will never be enough. An accident on one side slows down the other side anyway. Expanding highways is an anti-green approach and is terribly costly.

But the real problem has never been a lack of infrastructure rather that we all try to go to and from work at the same time.

My idea is that there would be incentives for each hour your employees work outside of 9-5. IE .50 cents... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Unleash the human potential of aboriginal people

I have thought for some time of how our aboriginal people have been offered and have accepted bad deals. Treaties were signed before aboriginals could truly understand the importance of individual rights and freedoms and also the incredible value of being a full participant in a modern society. Stuck in the poverty trap of the reservation system, many of these people produce little and consume much. it is a soul-destroying... more »


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