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Strong Sustainable Communities

Educate to Build One Humanity

Thank you Ontario; you welcomed me. This post is for you! My life in the old country qualifies me to say that diversity can either be a boon or a curse. It enriches if people can see their common thread enabling celebration of mutual differences in its light. Otherwise, it is a curse of strong “us” vs “them” identities eternally jostling, conflicting and even rioting. We can’t close our eyes; news are full of it. Fearful... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Access to Education - #AccessEd

Accommodation of students with disabilities is one of the most pressing challenges facing our school boards and post-secondary education providers. The current system is based on legislative and common-law requirements that are often confusing for students and families to access and understand.

This proposal seeks to implement an accessibility standards for education providers across Ontario, including the creation of... more »


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Lifelong Learning

Teacher Education

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I think that we would see a great improvement in student learning if the requirements for becoming a teacher were more stringent. For a number of Faculties of Education, a university student must have only a C+ average in their university courses in order to be eligible to apply for a teaching degree. Once in the Faculty of Education, the student teachers are required to just pass their courses and complete their practical... more »


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Lifelong Learning

Ontario; the province of innovation

Ontario has a responsibility to herself to ensure that the Province and its people are prepared for the future, to both embrace it and to shape it, through the development of an innovation society.

Innovation in technology, or anything, cannot readily be proscribed but is instead the positive by-product of context and conditions.
While society through its governments may create short bursts of research, development,... more »


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