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Inclusive and Just Society

Métis Health Benefits Program


1. Equitable access to health care services for Métis in Ontario, needs to not only be perceived to be equal to healthcare services for Métis anywhere in Canada, but actually be equal.

2. Regardless of where they live, Métis need to have equal access to health care services.

3. Need to eliminate systemic & economic barriers to provide adequate, timely and culturally appropriate health care for Métis in Ontario.... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Strengthening Indigenous Representation in Government

On the occasion of Canada’s 100th Birthday in 1967, Chief Dan George; incidentally born Geswanouth Slahoot but yeah; we took that from him too, shared with Canada his Lament for Confederation.
He gave voice to the sadness of our injustices against First Nations and Indigenous people, and yet he still managed to conclude in hope with the words;

“Oh Canada, I shall see these things come to pass.
I shall see our young braves... more »


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