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A Culture of Health

Access to Chronic Pain Management including Life Saving and Quality of Life Giving neurosurgeries for rare diseases

Whether a person lives with Chronic Pain from a hereditary condition like EhlersDanlos Syndrome and either of its comorbid conditions where life saving treatments and quality of life giving surgeries may be required, or if they live with acquired Chronic Pain, as a disease in its own right, there are gaps in access to care that go well beyond surgical treatments.

The federal government is not recognizing chronic pain... more »


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Inclusive Growth

Research must include services

Recently I heard that 100 million dollars was donated to research so many who suffer with mental illness can be cured. It is extremely painful knowing that so many young adults are lost and many living on the streets but yet every time we hear about a donation it is strictly used for research. I can tell you that for many the only kind of cure they need is physically and emotionally. We are too busy trying t find answers... more »


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