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A Culture of Health

Increase Nurse to patient ratios

Increased NURSE TO PATIENT RATIO FROM 5:1 to 3:1 while returning the 100 residency doctor spots cut this year. My Grandfather DR Alan Brown ran Sick Kids for 40 years cutting the infant mortality rate in half by insisting the Premier pasteurized milk BUT also insisted that patients received care SAFE ratios mean patients leave without complications, with minimal pain and alive His Doctors provided the procedures , however... more »


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Inclusive Growth


Sole proprietors whether current 2nd+ generation citizens or more importantly 1rst generation citizens MUST have start up cash made available ( Government / Bank partnership) to new entrepreneurs . I found this personally , very helpful in opening my 2 small stores using my funds and private qualified loans matched by the Government incentive loans. Service sector while dependant on manufacturing and production employment... more »


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Responsive Government

Highway and Area Closures for Transportation Incidents

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Ensure all responder agencies (OPP/police, MOL, MOECC, fire departments, municipal public works, etc.) have a coordinated response system to ensure that highway or area closures can be dealt with in a quick manner to ensure Ontario's roads are clear of issues/accidents as quickly as possible. Specifically for highway closures, consider the cost of citizens sitting in traffic to be higher than having government agencies... more »


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