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Inclusive and Just Society

Make Fines a Percentage of Income

Fines are punitive measures that give government the power to alter behaviours. Unfortunately a $60 parking fine for the average worker is a penalty, where the same fine for a business owner (who can expense it) or a lottery winner is no impact at all. Instead, the government is looking for ways to get revenue and I'm looking for ways to make society fair for all. Therefore make the parking fine of $60 really 60/30000... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

Stop Downloading Provincial Expenses To Local governments

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This means fairly sharing responsibility for transit, housing and childcare costs and working collaboratively to identify progressive sources of revenue for municipalities. The Ontario Municipal Board must be reformed to end the paternalistic overruling of legitimate municipal decisions and open municipal democracy so municipalities can experiment with electoral reforms such as permanent resident voting. Cities and towns... more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

Keep it in the community

I believe any not for profit services should build there own community before moving to another. Community doors should be free to access for any activity, service or event. Less entrepreneurs and students are taking advantage of connecting with their neighbors because of high cost for the use of community centers. These centers should be free access with a percentage based on earning. Many have great ideas however they... more »


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