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Lifelong Learning

Amalgamate School Systems trending idea

Both provincial and federal Liberal governments tout inclusiveness and the value of diversity, and I would say, rightfully so. And yet we fully publicly fund two school systems that enshrines segregation. We segregate students based on religious grounds and we violate the rights of non-Catholic teachers to practice their craft at all the publicly funded schools in Ontario. These egregious and un-Canadian values should... more »


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A Culture of Health

Charge employers for use of sick notes that result in unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Often employers seek sick notes for employees needing a sick day as proof of illness, this practice often results as a tax on the sick as doctors notes are not covered by OHIP, but as well for many short term illness that are 1-3 days long that do not warrant medical intervention. This practice is no doubt a burden upon our healthcare system and working people of this province for the sole reason of employers not placing... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

An Ontario Constitution

The time has come for Ontario to enact its own Constitution to protect and enhance the values we hold most dear; Liberty of the Person and Self-determination.

While the Constitution of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms provides and protects Ontarians, it is and will be subject to interpretation over time and such interpretations should be guided by our own understanding of liberty and self-determination.... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Restore the right to work and justice in the workplace

This idea encompasses the major discussion categories of "Inclusive Growth", Strong Sustainable Communities", "Affordable Cost of Living" and "Inclusive and Just Society."

The most crucial and fundamental role of an elected government is to clarify and defend the rights of citizens. During the 1800s when classical liberalism took hold for the first time in history, workers found better and better jobs, the poverty rate... more »


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