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A Culture of Health

Mandate 40km/h or less in all residential areas

As our urban areas are increasingly made up of large condo towers, former industrial areas have now become primarily residential. As a result we have new residential neighbourhoods where the speed limit is too high (50 or 60 km/h) which is unsafe and unsuitable for pedestrians and cyclists. The maximum should be no more than 40km/h.


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Inclusive and Just Society

Improve Temp Worker Rights

Amend Bill 148 to force employers to make temporary workers permanent employees after 90 days on the job.


No more than 20 per cent of their workforce can be composed of temporary workers.


Also put resources back into proactive enforcement of health and safety standards for Ontario’s workplaces. Better enforce the rules and increase the number of jobs covered under the Employment Standards and worker safety laws.


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Affordable Cost of Living


If we can design a home very similar to retirement homes for disabled loved ones and caregivers it would open many doors for caregivers. Many Coop buildings have the perfect avenue to help disabled loved ones. Access to a Gym, Kitchen, recreation room and playground. It is already geared to income and affordable. I would love to see a building like ours be reformed into a building with disabled and loved ones so they... more »


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Lifelong Learning

School Bus Tracking GPS System for Parents, Students, School Administration

How many times has a student missed their school bus ?
Mom, dad, parent, guardian I need a ride to school, again.
Or do they just stay home? Or walk?
An app to track school bus would engage our social media savvy students to be aware of bus location, almost never miss a ride again.
An app to track school bus would let school administration & parent/guardian know when a school trip bus was actually returning to school.... more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

Inclusivity and Safety

As a person with a disability I applaud any initiatives that move towards the respect of and inclusion of people with disabilities into a diverse society. Research consistently shows, however, that many people with disabilities find community attitudes and prejudices to be unwelcoming, uninviting and often violent. I fear using the bus, or subway, for example because, though the accessible symbol tells me I'm welcome,... more »


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Responsive Government

Improve Elevator Safety

Currently there are soaring numbers of calls to firefighters to free people trapped in elevators, reports of frequent and lengthy outages and harried technicians who have little time or financial incentive to do preventative maintenance. Elevator incidents have risen significantly since 2011, and serious injuries are up eight per cent annually.

A private member’s bill, currently before the Ontario legislature, aims to... more »


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