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Lifelong Learning

Amalgamate School Systems trending idea

Both provincial and federal Liberal governments tout inclusiveness and the value of diversity, and I would say, rightfully so. And yet we fully publicly fund two school systems that enshrines segregation. We segregate students based on religious grounds and we violate the rights of non-Catholic teachers to practice their craft at all the publicly funded schools in Ontario. These egregious and un-Canadian values should... more »


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Responsive Government

School board reform

It used to be that school boards were elected, and had power to levy taxes, and they were run responsibly. Over time we have ended up with dysfunctional school boards and with them not having much power but the province needing to step in because they go into debt or otherwise fail.

We need a commission to review school board governance and funding across the province, as well as the fairness of the way education taxes... more »


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