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Strong Sustainable Communities

#communityeconomics Act

Thank you for taking the time to read about an economic model we refer to as “Community Economics”.

Community Enterprise Network Inc. proposes passage of a "Community Economy Act". This act supports a specific economic model or system whereby certain public sector production, resource extraction and regulated businesses are developed and owned by “communities” for the purpose of producing goods and services that benefit... more »


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Lifelong Learning

School Bus Tracking GPS System for Parents, Students, School Administration

How many times has a student missed their school bus ?
Mom, dad, parent, guardian I need a ride to school, again.
Or do they just stay home? Or walk?
An app to track school bus would engage our social media savvy students to be aware of bus location, almost never miss a ride again.
An app to track school bus would let school administration & parent/guardian know when a school trip bus was actually returning to school.... more »


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