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Lifelong Learning

Removing stigma of higher education and promote blue collar jobs.

When I was looking at post secondary school, it was implied that university was the next step in life. This was what was being promoted with in schools and at the home. University is known as higher education. While college is just that, college. This is a stigma in our society of hierarchy. While many students are attending university, with no life goals or carrier goals. The belief that university will guide you... more »


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A Culture of Health

Mental Health Day Off

Mental health costs the Canadian economy $51 billion per year. A large part of this cost comes from missed work and lowered productivity. Our proposal is to give all Ontario workers a fixed number of days off work, with no penalty and no requirement for a formal diagnosis. This will show Canadians that their mental health is a priority, and reduce the stigma in the workplace, while having the potential to educate employers... more »


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