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Responsive Government

Buy back The Beer Sore from the big brewers, or have the LCBO compete fairly

Why does Ontario have a monopoly on Beer owned by foreign brewers that discriminate against our own microbrewers?

Meanwhile the LCBO has a near monopoly, though we are letting large grocery store corporations erode this.

We need a debate:

1. The brewers should be forced to reduce their ownership of the beer store - maybe a tax on each bottle to fund the buyback, coming out of their near monopoly profits.

2. The LCBO... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Equality of condition

Equality of Condition
We must begin our endeavour toward inclusive prosperity with agreement that the most important consideration is the equality of condition among all Ontarians. We must believe in the inherent good of people; and that given the conditions of an equal and fair choice every person will exercise that goodness.

The government of Ontario should immediately introduce a Social Credit for every Ontarian.... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

Eliminate Property Taxes

Let's get rid of property taxes and replace them with a mix of increased income and sales taxes which would be more progressive, fairer and less divisive.

Currently the main source of municipal revenue is property taxes. This presents a lot of problems, both for the city and it's residents. First of all, property taxes hit seniors hardest! Just because you own a valuable piece of property does not mean you are well... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Institute a Maximum Income Tax in Ontario

In Ontario, and more broadly in Canada, there is one group of people who are viewed as not paying their fair share of the staggering costs of government. This group is labeled and discriminated against in many ways, especially economically but also morally. These Ontarians pay their way more than five times over, yet are still told they do not pay enough. This minority group is targeted by governments and lobby groups,... more »


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