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Responsive Government

Jobs Automation Strategy

Job losses will be inevitable as automation technologies advance further. The Government of Ontario should develop a comprehensive strategy to address this issue in its infancy. This strategy could include the establishment of education grants or subsidized tuition for recently laid off workers in need of retraining and a guaranteed universal income study. Cross government and private sector collaboration would also... more »


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A Culture of Health

Telemedicine: Digital Innovation to Expand Access to High-Quality Health Care

Ontario needs to make telemedicine a core part of how health care is delivered in this province. Telemedicine expands care to people who cannot access it, makes it easier to access for those who find getting health care inconvenient or inefficient, such as seniors, and drastically streamlines services to make them more efficient.

Delivering on the promise of universal health care is challenging. Hundreds of thousands... more »


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Inclusive Growth

Increased Practical Support for Small Local Businesses

Locally-based service and other small businesses comprise 95% of all businesses in Canada and form the backbone of our economy. Yet there is very little programming in place, research being done is not made practical or communicated to the sector, and help is by no means evenly distributed across the province. There are many simple strategies that could help service businesses innovate, and prevent the high failure rate... more »


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