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Responsive Government

More Funding for TTC

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The subsidy the TTC receives remains the lowest in North America at just $0.78 per ride.

The subsidy other municipalities get:
• Montreal – $1.16
• Vancouver – $1.62
• Chicago – $1.68
• New York City – $1.03
• Mississauga – $2.21
• York Region – $4.49

If there was money coming from the province the TTC could expand service, keep fares low, it could do a number of things to improve its operation that it just can’t do... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

Stop Downloading Provincial Expenses To Local governments

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This means fairly sharing responsibility for transit, housing and childcare costs and working collaboratively to identify progressive sources of revenue for municipalities. The Ontario Municipal Board must be reformed to end the paternalistic overruling of legitimate municipal decisions and open municipal democracy so municipalities can experiment with electoral reforms such as permanent resident voting. Cities and towns... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

Eliminate Property Taxes

Let's get rid of property taxes and replace them with a mix of increased income and sales taxes which would be more progressive, fairer and less divisive.

Currently the main source of municipal revenue is property taxes. This presents a lot of problems, both for the city and it's residents. First of all, property taxes hit seniors hardest! Just because you own a valuable piece of property does not mean you are well... more »


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