Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

The Ontario Liberal Party is committed to ensuring the people of Ontario have the skills and knowledge they need to find meaningful work, adapt to changing technologies, build skills to grow in their careers, and contribute to their communities. From early learning through to adult education, Ontario is building a world-leading culture of lifelong learning. As we continue to build a leading system of lifelong learning in Ontario, we need your best ideas about how to build a system that provides people what they need throughout their lives.
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Lifelong Learning

Expand access to free, open textbooks for Ontario students

While the OSAP free tuition policies have been a tremendous step in reducing financial barriers for post-secondary students, textbooks continue to present a significant cost for many students.

Ontario made a great first step in supporting eCampus Ontario's Open Textbook Library ( that provides over 200 free, shareable, online textbooks for PSE students and faculty to use.

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