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Lifelong Learning

Dedicated Student Jobs

Not sure if this is possible.

Can we dedicate a percentage of certain jobs to teenagers/students? Jobs in retail, fast food, part time jobs should be prioritized for young adults who need them to gain real life experiences. How do adults know how to handle themselves in front of colleagues in the work place with some sort of decorum; we learnt it from dealing with bad customers when we worked these types of jobs as teenagers.... more »


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Lifelong Learning

Solve skills shortages - increase training and admissions instead of relying on immigration

Ontario spends a lot to educate our kids and anyone who wants to gets skills or education.

Yet we seems to have shortages of certain skills or training that never get addressed - we do not have enough doctors, but there is no shortage of people who want to become doctors, instead the shortage is because of the lack of slots in medical degree programs and in hospital internships needed for a license.

The federal immigration... more »


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