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A Culture of Health

Charge employers for use of sick notes that result in unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Often employers seek sick notes for employees needing a sick day as proof of illness, this practice often results as a tax on the sick as doctors notes are not covered by OHIP, but as well for many short term illness that are 1-3 days long that do not warrant medical intervention. This practice is no doubt a burden upon our healthcare system and working people of this province for the sole reason of employers not placing... more »


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Affordable Cost of Living

Stop Downloading Provincial Expenses To Local governments

This means fairly sharing responsibility for transit, housing and childcare costs and working collaboratively to identify progressive sources of revenue for municipalities. The Ontario Municipal Board must be reformed to end the paternalistic overruling of legitimate municipal decisions and open municipal democracy so municipalities can experiment with electoral reforms such as permanent resident voting. Cities and towns... more »


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