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Responsive Government


As a crown corporation the 3 billion dollar debt incurred by the McGuinty government for the 2 failed nuclear plants should not be carried on the books of the corporation but on the books of the Ontario government . As a past Senior Executive for a global corporation our accounting never showed a divisional loss on IE IT div, Distribution , General Operations, Human Resources & Training, Advertising or any other business... more »


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Responsive Government

Jobs Automation Strategy

Job losses will be inevitable as automation technologies advance further. The Government of Ontario should develop a comprehensive strategy to address this issue in its infancy. This strategy could include the establishment of education grants or subsidized tuition for recently laid off workers in need of retraining and a guaranteed universal income study. Cross government and private sector collaboration would also... more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

Cut Immigration in half - lower population growth for environmental and economic reasons

We do not know if in future we will be facing a shortage of jobs due to automation, or a shortage of labour due to people retiring.

Regardless, there is no reason for high immigration today, particularly into the GTA. The population has grown extremely fast since Mulroney introduced a policy of high immigration (all the time even during recessions) around 1990. Canada now has about 22% foreign born population, the highest... more »


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A Culture of Health

Strong Minds for the Future

In Ontario, we have one of the most comprehensive health care systems in the world. In the mental health area, there have been many strides made - specifically as it relates to Children & Youth.

We recognize that there are significant gaps in access to mental health support services province-wide. While there has been a successful three-year strategy for children and youth, more needs to be done.

Our vision is for... more »


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Inclusive Growth

32 Hour Work Week with no reduction in wages

Tackle unemployment by reducing the length of the work week. This will also allow all Ontarians to fully enjoy the advantages of increasing productivity by having more free time.

This has been repeatedly done historically, with western countries seeing a gradual reduction in working hours, with a simultaneous gradual raise in wages, from the nineteenth century to the 1980s. The end of this tapering off in working hours... more »


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