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Lifelong Learning

Do Right By Part-Time Students

It’s time to explore the possibilities of funding students who seek to upskill, develop professionally, and pursue higher education. The reasons for taking on school or training in a part-time basis are numerous and reasonable:
- Working while pursuing further studies can have a reciprocally powerful effect; one stays current in the research thereby becoming more effective in their work, and builds a critical lens for... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Create a "Learn-to-earn-Tuition" Citizen Apprenticeship tutor hub model in municipal public libraries.

NOTE: This policy idea to create a Citizen Apprenticeship tutor hub and develop a three-year pilot project in a Mississauga public library was submitted to Common Ground workshop held by Mississauga East - Cooksville riding association on December 16, 2017.

An Inclusive and Just Society uses an equity lens to drive remedies for prosperity which result in poverty reduction.... more »


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