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Lifelong Learning

Do Right By Part-Time Students

It’s time to explore the possibilities of funding students who seek to upskill, develop professionally, and pursue higher education. The reasons for taking on school or training in a part-time basis are numerous and reasonable:
- Working while pursuing further studies can have a reciprocally powerful effect; one stays current in the research thereby becoming more effective in their work, and builds a critical lens for... more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

Eliminate the Student Minimum Wage and Create Fairer Wages for Youth

Students in Ontario under the age of 18 who work 28 hours a week or below are paid an hourly rate of $0.70 less than the general minimum wage. Furthermore, “The Three-Hour Rule” does not apply to students (including students over 18 years of age).

“The Three-Hour Rule” in Ontario is defined as:
When an employee who regularly works more than three hours a day is required to report to work but works less than three hours,... more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

Keep it in the community

I believe any not for profit services should build there own community before moving to another. Community doors should be free to access for any activity, service or event. Less entrepreneurs and students are taking advantage of connecting with their neighbors because of high cost for the use of community centers. These centers should be free access with a percentage based on earning. Many have great ideas however they... more »


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Lifelong Learning

Dedicated Student Jobs

Not sure if this is possible.

Can we dedicate a percentage of certain jobs to teenagers/students? Jobs in retail, fast food, part time jobs should be prioritized for young adults who need them to gain real life experiences. How do adults know how to handle themselves in front of colleagues in the work place with some sort of decorum; we learnt it from dealing with bad customers when we worked these types of jobs as teenagers.... more »


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