Inclusive and Just Society

Create a "Learn-to-earn-Tuition" Citizen Apprenticeship tutor hub model in municipal public libraries.

NOTE: This policy idea to create a Citizen Apprenticeship tutor hub and develop a three-year pilot project in a Mississauga public library was submitted to Common Ground workshop held by Mississauga East - Cooksville riding association on December 16, 2017. An Inclusive and Just Society uses an equity lens to drive remedies for prosperity which result in poverty reduction. ...more »

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Inclusive and Just Society

Eliminate the Student Minimum Wage and Create Fairer Wages for Youth

Students in Ontario under the age of 18 who work 28 hours a week or below are paid an hourly rate of $0.70 less than the general minimum wage. Furthermore, “The Three-Hour Rule” does not apply to students (including students over 18 years of age). “The Three-Hour Rule” in Ontario is defined as: When an employee who regularly works more than three hours a day is required to report to work but works less than three hours, ...more »

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Inclusive Growth

The minimum wage should be eliminated

Advocates of a higher minimum wage claim that raising the minimum wage helps low-wage workers. Opponents point out that if government makes it illegal to hire an employee for less than a certain amount per hour, there will be fewer job opportunities for those who lack skills and experience: a higher price creates lower demand - econ101. Most debates focus on how the minimum wage affects workers. Who is discussing how ...more »

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A Culture of Health

Mental Health Education

Mandatory Mental Health Education, from primary to secondary schooling – as we do Physical Education. Help end the stigma surrounding mental health by educating our youth. Mental health is an integral part of our overall health.

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