Strong Sustainable Communities

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Educate to Build One Humanity

Thank you Ontario; you welcomed me. This post is for you! My life in the old country qualifies me to say that diversity can either be a boon or a curse. It enriches if people can see their common thread enabling celebration of mutual differences in its light. Otherwise, it is a curse of strong “us” vs “them” identities eternally jostling, conflicting and even rioting. We can’t close our eyes; news are full of it. Fearful ...more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

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Secular Ontario

I hope and I want that my daughter (6 years old and born in Ottawa) will live in a progressively more secular Ontario. We live in XXIst century, is time and is needed.


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Lifelong Learning

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Amalgamate School Systems

Both provincial and federal Liberal governments tout inclusiveness and the value of diversity, and I would say, rightfully so. And yet we fully publicly fund two school systems that enshrines segregation. We segregate students based on religious grounds and we violate the rights of non-Catholic teachers to practice their craft at all the publicly funded schools in Ontario. These egregious and un-Canadian values should ...more »


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