Responsive Government

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Improve Inmate Safety

There should be improvements made to inmate safety. Inmates should be housed based on their risk profile. High-risk inmates should not be housed with low risk inmates, especially those that are about to go for bail hearings. When inmates are housed based on their risk, staff can know ahead of time what they are dealing with and that will keep them safer as the units housing high-risk inmates will be equipped differently. ...more »


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Inclusive and Just Society

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Stop Incarcerating our Indigenous community!

For every Indigenous victim of violence this country creates another Indigenous prisoner. Presently in Canada within our the Indigenous communities Indigenous people are two to three times more prevalent to become victims of petty minor crimes in comparison to the general population. The number of Indigenous people in prison currently is nine times higher than their numbers in the general population (Three Per Cent). ...more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

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Change police policy from shoot to kill to shoot to incapacitate

If police have to shoot a suspect why not shoot the legs instead of the torso. Often suspects turn out to be innocent. If they are shot dead it's too late. In situations where a police officer's life or any other human life is in immediate and clear danger, shoot to kill may be appropriate. Many other situations can be handled by de-escalation techniques and if firing a gun is required, then shoot at the limbs instead ...more »


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