Inclusive Growth

Increased Practical Support for Small Local Businesses

Locally-based service and other small businesses comprise 95% of all businesses in Canada and form the backbone of our economy. Yet there is very little programming in place, research being done is not made practical or communicated to the sector, and help is by no means evenly distributed across the province. There are many simple strategies that could help service businesses innovate, and prevent the high failure rate ...more »

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Lifelong Learning

Ontario; the province of innovation

Ontario has a responsibility to herself to ensure that the Province and its people are prepared for the future, to both embrace it and to shape it, through the development of an innovation society. Innovation in technology, or anything, cannot readily be proscribed but is instead the positive by-product of context and conditions. While society through its governments may create short bursts of research, development, ...more »

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Inclusive and Just Society

Create a "Learn-to-earn-Tuition" Citizen Apprenticeship tutor hub model in municipal public libraries.

NOTE: This policy idea to create a Citizen Apprenticeship tutor hub and develop a three-year pilot project in a Mississauga public library was submitted to Common Ground workshop held by Mississauga East - Cooksville riding association on December 16, 2017. An Inclusive and Just Society uses an equity lens to drive remedies for prosperity which result in poverty reduction. ...more »

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A Culture of Health

State Of Mind Youth Mental Health & Innovation Festival

The ‘State of Mind Festival’ celebrates teen expressions of mental health through multimedia, traditional, and non-traditional arts. These are created by high school students and other young people through classroom State Of Mind & teacher co-created curriculum. The next step is to translate the content into actionable conclusions to shape next year’s programming. During the day hundreds of teens share and celebrate ...more »

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