Inclusive and Just Society

Overhaul the Interest Arbitration System to Benefit Communities, Not Individuals

Emergency services workers – police and firefighters – are valued municipal employees who ensure community health and safety in all Ontario municipalities. Because these essential workers are not allowed to strike, the collective bargaining process relies on arbitration to resolve differences if a settlement cannot be reached. Current inequities in interest arbitration cast a shadow over all collective bargaining with ...more »

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Inclusive and Just Society

Strengthening Indigenous Representation in Government

On the occasion of Canada’s 100th Birthday in 1967, Chief Dan George; incidentally born Geswanouth Slahoot but yeah; we took that from him too, shared with Canada his Lament for Confederation. He gave voice to the sadness of our injustices against First Nations and Indigenous people, and yet he still managed to conclude in hope with the words; “Oh Canada, I shall see these things come to pass. I shall see our young braves ...more »

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Responsive Government

Mandatory 10 year review of municipal ward boundaries

There was just an OMB hearing of ward boundaries for Toronto - the City had not reviewed the boundaries in 17 years, since 2000, and some wards were nearly double the population of other wards. Federal and provincial riding boundaries are automatically redrawn every 10 years - the federal boundaries are done after the census, and the Ontario boundaries are done once the federal boundaries are determined. There needs ...more »

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Affordable Cost of Living

Eliminate Property Taxes

Let's get rid of property taxes and replace them with a mix of increased income and sales taxes which would be more progressive, fairer and less divisive. Currently the main source of municipal revenue is property taxes. This presents a lot of problems, both for the city and it's residents. First of all, property taxes hit seniors hardest! Just because you own a valuable piece of property does not mean you are well ...more »

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Strong Sustainable Communities

Allow Municipalities to set minimum wage. As can be seen by the Fraser Institute urban areas haven't recovered from the 2008 recession. This might have to do with the cost of minimum wage. The cost of living in Toronto is not the same as Kitchener. Neither is it the same in Windsor nor Owen Sound. Smaller business in small towns cannot ...more »

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