Responsive Government

Mandatory 10 year review of municipal ward boundaries

There was just an OMB hearing of ward boundaries for Toronto - the City had not reviewed the boundaries in 17 years, since 2000, and some wards were nearly double the population of other wards. Federal and provincial riding boundaries are automatically redrawn every 10 years - the federal boundaries are done after the census, and the Ontario boundaries are done once the federal boundaries are determined. There needs ...more »

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Inclusive and Just Society

Create Online Voting System

Develop a secure online profile for each citizen using technology such as 'Blockchain' where everyobe can renew their licenses, health cards, passports, and even VOTE in an election securely and safely. By creating an app and website for this purpose, the provincial and federal government can save costs on Service Ontario and Service Canada Centres, as well as significantly increase voter turnout. Imagine being able to ...more »

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Inclusive and Just Society

Mandatory Voting

I don't know all the statistics on if it's a good idea or bad. I just feel that it's all our civic duty to vote. Those who say that there's no one they want to vote for; well how about the party and their ideas? Can you vote for that? As well, there's always the option to "decline to vote". Go to your polling station and say you decline. The polling officer marks that down and you're done. At least doing this allows ...more »

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