A Culture of Health

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Charge employers for use of sick notes that result in unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Often employers seek sick notes for employees needing a sick day as proof of illness, this practice often results as a tax on the sick as doctors notes are not covered by OHIP, but as well for many short term illness that are 1-3 days long that do not warrant medical intervention. This practice is no doubt a burden upon our healthcare system and working people of this province for the sole reason of employers not placing ...more »


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Strong Sustainable Communities

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A mandatory plan that will cover all employees and supplements Canada Pension Plan and Old Age.

Rates split 50/50 by Employee and Employer and automatically deducted from their pay check.

With an option for the employee to contribute more if desired.


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A Culture of Health

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Mental Health Day Off

Mental health costs the Canadian economy $51 billion per year. A large part of this cost comes from missed work and lowered productivity. Our proposal is to give all Ontario workers a fixed number of days off work, with no penalty and no requirement for a formal diagnosis. This will show Canadians that their mental health is a priority, and reduce the stigma in the workplace, while having the potential to educate employers ...more »


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